Do you find you have achieved nothing at week's end?

Turn this around in 2 easy steps.

1.  First thing Monday spend 15 min without interruption to make a list of what needs to be done this week.

2 Identify the one task that must happen. Plan how to make it happen and keep on track.Always think “Will this stop me from achieving my goal this week. If the answer is Yes say No! Someone wants to have a meeting this week that would stop you reaching the goal? Say no and schedule for next week.

On Friday afternoon no matter what else happened during the week you can celebrate. You did it!

Time Saving Tip of the Week – Create Check Lists

Creating check lists for everyday events in your business has many advantages.

Check lists are great for doing sales invoice runs, customer followups and month end reporting.

The 3 top reasons to do this are:

1 – It means you can delegate a job to someone else and they will get it right every time

2 – If you are in a hurry it ensures you don’t miss a vital step.

3 – Enables you to review what is required for the task to see if there are ways to make the task more time efficient

Improve your cashflow with 3 easy tips

Tip 1 – Issue invoices weekly or fortnightly. The sooner invoices are issued the sooner they can be paid.

Tip 2 – Make it easy to pay. Offer a discount to customers who sign up for direct debit. There is a small fee for this but the bonus is you know exactly which days of the month money will arrive in your bank account.

Tip 3 – Say Thank you. Show your clients you appreciate them paying their account on time. We all liked to be thanked for something not chased

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