Tip of the week. Ditch the hotmail, yahoo etc email address

Branding is an important part of running a business big or small.
If you want to be taken seriously a yahoo email address is not going to impress
Try it for yourself
Lets say you have quotes from two graphic designers.
One from jill@graphicsworks.com.au and one from Jack21@yahoo.com
Which would you choose?
But won’t that cost a lot of money I hear you ask.
Not at all.
The cost to register a domain which enables you to have a proper business email can be as little as $30 per year

Time Saving Tip of the week

Have a dedicated credit card for expenses.
You can’t miss any business expenses by mistake as they are all on the one statement
No need to spend time highlighting which expenses are business ones.
They all are!
Start with a personal credit card dedicated to business expenses if getting a business credit is not an option