3 Secrets about Xero Every Franchisee Should Know

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As the owner of a successful franchise your time is valuable. Finding the time to keep accounts up to date can seem impossible.

Xero is a cloud based accounting software which can help you run your franchise efficiently.

It can be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer. Mac or PC

Here are 3 timesaving secrets that can help you.

1.  Receipts – You can take a photo of any receipt you pay with your credit card and upload it to xero ready for allocation in the bank account the next day

2.  Pay Slips – Employees can be invited to the employee portal.  From there they can apply for leave and print their own copy of their payslip.  No more requests for copies of 3 months of payslips.

3. Timesheets – Employees can login to Xero and complete a timesheet and submit to their supervisor.  No more hard to read paper timesheets.



Do your accounts show some sign of life……. but you can't imagine them in full bloom?

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Do your accounts show some sign of life but you can’t imagine them in full bloom?

Here are 3 key steps you can take to bring your accounts back to life.

1.  Own it. By this I mean admit that you need help and be willing to  do whatever it takes to get it sorted

2. Get all your paperwork both hardcopy and electronic together.  Dump them in a box,  bag, folders anything as long as they are all in the one place. (ok maybe not the laundry basket half full of dirty washing)

3.  Locate a bookkeeper who can inspire and train you to understand financials and get your accounts in order. Use Facebook or Linkedin, accountants or ask your friends

Once you have worked through these steps your accounts will be bristling with life and information about how your business is doing



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